Why Posture Balance?

Posture-balance includes the balance of the three aspects below.

As a human being, we have a very special ability to organize or reorganize ourselves. Our nature is very intelligent and wise to maintain our 100% healthy and happy being. You can make yourself become whoever you want to be by balancing the three aspects shown above: Proper Posture & Movement, Balanced Food & Diet and Positive Thinking & Attitude.

Three Main Aspects


1. Balanced Food & Diet

  1. Increase your Vital Energy (Quality, Proper Portions and Direction)

  2. Increase your mind’s flexibility

  3. Increase your body’s ability to regenerate

Focus: Your body needs Real, Fresh and Whole Food in Balanced way (essentially, you need to eat less & less processed and preserved meals).  We consult and suggest a diet for you to gain your vital energy, based on an assessment on your posture, body function and mobility because suppleness and elasticity of our body tissues are made from what we eat. Our approach is fully natural.  No medicine is involved.

2. Proper Movement & Posture 

  1. Better Alignment ( Neuro –Musclo –Skeltal System)

  2. Better Circulation (Breathing, Blood & Other Body Fluids etc.)

  3. Better Functions (Joints, Muscles, Organs)

Focus: The awakening and re-activating of forgotten body function, mobility and purification system through Makiko Method–Posture Balance: A postural movement integration based on Pilates, Gyrotonic Expansion System, Feldenkrais Method and Dance Techniques. Through varied movement exercises, you rediscover your body’s natural way of moving. It supports your best vital energy circulation.


3. Positive Attitude & Thinking 

  1. You are in charge of your 100% healthy and happy life.

  2. Health is the main ingredient of your happy Life.

  3. You are capable of self healing and change.

Focus: You gain the sense of ownership over your health and happy life through consultation, meditation, energy healing (or spiritual guidance if you request to do so).  As a result, you re-connect with your confidence, self-esteem, elegance, flexible thinking and so on.  Those positive beings are within you, as your natural self healing power, since you are born. Wake up your nature !