What is Natural Healing?

Natural Healing=The Art of Well Being

Natural Healing is the way towards our mature being, and also Life.

YOU are an ART of your creation. And however you are, YOU must be the masterpiece of every moment till you leave this life. Of course you are the creator of the art.

The figure below shows that nature of YOU which is an unity (=Balance ) of those three aspects: Physical, Psychological and Spiritual being.

Four principles:

1) Human Being = 100% Healthy and Happy Being

As a human being, we have a very special ability to organize or reorganize ourselves.  Our nature is very intelligent and wise to maintain our 100% healthy and happy being.

However, always remember that YOU are in charge of your healthy and happy life.

Changing your life, you need to change your current lifestyle, pattern and habits, towards a tomorrow of health and happiness.

Always  “BALANCE” is the key for the Art of Natural Healing.

2) Gravity

GRAVITY! This is only the rule for our life that no one can bend or change as long as living on the Earth. Rule of Gravity is simple. It is only vertical energy pulling you towards the center of Earth.


In order to learn how to follow the rule  (gravity), we are given many tools to do so. Those are called “Function” that are equipped within our physical being. Those functions are started to develop since the first day your Mom’s egg and Dad’s sperm meet and agree to form YOU in your mother’s uterus.


The Mother Nature is very wise!  If our life is not on the earth where the specific gravity force work, we do not need the specially equipped physical being. So our physical being (or body) is very important for pursuit of healthy and happy life.

Remember, “ The Physical Body is the temple where our Soul lives!" On the Earth, without a healthy and happy physical being, there is no way your spiritual being can be healthy and happy. Also vise versa! As many of you know, we are a balance (unity) of mainly three being – physical, psychological and spiritual. When those are well-balanced, we are healthy and happy. And when those are out of balance we are unhealthy and unhappy. When we are well-balanced, we are in a state of being called Centered or Grounded. Also when we are centered, our inside Tube fully open up and naturally allow the great energy from the space and from the earth circulate in our inner being.  And deep inside of us those two energies together is the source of an endless energy called Life force. Once you learned to access to your full Life force youare indefatigable because your resource of vital force is the universe.

Benefits of accessing the Life force are:– Be healthy– Be happy– Be young– Be sexy– Be positive– Be confident– Be strong– Be flexible…………etc. Countless of benefits that help you to live anyway you want.

3) Human being as a Tube


Our physical and spiritual
beings are a formation of tube.

As Physcial;

From our mouth to anus it is one continuation of opened space shaped like a tube. Inside of the tube is still outside world of your being.


Between two surfaces of the tube and your skin are YOU.

Beneficial bacteria including Probiotics and Skin flora coat both the surfaces as for the first line of defense (like a barrier) against pathogen, toxins and any invader from entire outside world.

As Spiritual;

The center of tube where there is no flesh, but just a tunnel like space. Our spiritual channels are invisibly running inside of it called CHAKRA. The Chakra system needs to be fed by the Life Force Energy in order for you to be Fear Free Life.

Life Force Energy is an endless energy those are provided by space and Earth called the universe or nature.

Sphincters, Posture and your Health

Sphincters segment the tube.

Sphincter is a muscle like a valve to control opening and closing of each area to create a specific environment within the tube.

When you are nervous or tense, those sphincters tense also and cannot perform their duties properly. This condition directory effected to your health system. When the condition is persistent, you may develop one or more functional disorders with – digestive system, circulatory system, respiratory system, endocrine system, neuro-musclo-skeletal system, immune system, homeostasis, nervous system, and etc…

When those sphincters are not relaxed enough, and able to perform their functions well, your posture is affected and cannot be straightened. Of course your physical posture affect to your psychological posture (= attitude) because those two are one like Yin and Yan. They reflect to each other. This relationship is also called Somatic-Psychology. Your posture = your Somatic-psychology. The somatic-psychology does perform who you are and communicate with people around you as you wish or not.

4) Withdrawal & Die-off Reaction


You should expect and be ready for one or more withdrawal & die-off reactions, when you follow any type of natural healing process. Without those reactions, your healing process is not completed. Healing is a cleansing and it releases your toxin or garbage out of your physical, emotional and spiritual being. So as a result you reveal true self that usually has been deeply buried under a long-time accumulation of negative habits. The accumulation of negative habits are so called “ego”.

Ironically many people feel being protected by “ego” around true self, like a walled city. So sometimes it’s difficult to let go of your “ego”, because at the moment you succeed in letting it go you may feel that you are naked, exposed or vulnerable.  However those sensations you experience when you touch true self is “freedom” that most of us wish to grasp. In Japan, withdrawal & die-off reactions used to be known as a common sense among many people till we adopted Western Medicine. Having those reactions as a symptom like being sick is nothing wrong with you! Those are an important part of our nature.

Symptoms of those reactions are;

  • Fatigue

  • Nausea

  • Diarrhea

  • Skin rash

  • Itchiness

  • Swelling

  • Running nose

  • Cough

  • Swollen throat

  • Stagnation in the chest

  • Fever

  • Headache

  • Joint pain or ache

  • Nerve pain

  • Stomach ache

  • Sweat

  • Bad breath

  • ….and more.

  • Yes, you may feel like sick.  But despite of your suffering, those are a typical good sign of your immune system working for you to get rid of some kind of toxins. So just be patient and wait till those symptoms pass by. It’s like a storm. After a storm, most likely you see sunshine.

In this case the toxins to be cleansed are;

  • Bad bacteria

  • Virus

  • Fungus

  • Parasite

  • Broken tissue

  • Degenerated cells

  • Tensions

  • Negative emotions

  • Negative thoughts

  • …and more, that you have not processed and digested enough, and have stuck inside of you for a long time, maybe since you are born in this life and even before.