I was so afraid to open my eyes during her healing session because I did not want to see three Makikos. 

(P. D. NY)  

She has an astute eye and quickly identifies patterns of tension in the body. Her hands on approach is direct and gentle. (A. K., NY)



"I didn’t know what to do with my anger for a long time, so I just ignored, denied, and tried not see them. But I learned and experienced to accept my emotions first time in my life." (A.L. NY)

I have no idea what she did.  Makiko did Magic!   (Henry A,  11 years old, NY) 


After one session, I slept so well! (D. K. MD)

My 4 years old son suffered from seizure. After 3 months of GAPS diet with Makiko, his brain wave became normal!   (S.S  Tokyo)



She is weird!  She has X-rays eyes.   (Nancy,  NY)  



I went to her for my back ache. She fixed my jaw. And my back ache was gone!   (Sharon L, NY)



When I stood up from the table, I felt like I was gradually enfolding. My hip felt so open and and the chest area was integrated with my hip. (Jennifer)



She has a light, warm, and firm touch. (S. B.)

My feet are so strong that when I’m standing in the kitchen, I feel like I can do things. (Woman with MS, NY)


After 3 months of Makiko Method, I started skiing. I barely walked before.  (Shirley K, 72years old, NY)

After I have worked with Makiko, something changed in my head. (H.P, NY)

​I used to see thing like this 

​Now, I can see them like this