Reiki Energy Healing

There are mainly two techniques for energy healing: “Ren-Qi(練気)” and “Hatsu-Rei Ho(発霊法)”.   In “Ren―Qi(練気)”, a healer kneads his energy to expand and amplify Qi, and give a part of it to his client/receiver.  At NHA, we practice  “Hatsu-Rei Ho (発霊法)” in which we become a mediator between our clients and the universe for a peaceful and natural progression in their healing process. This technique is designed to connect the mediator (healer) and the universe by opening up his posture balance and letting the unlimited universe energy flow between him and his clients. For the optimal energy healing, we access the universe energy to balance our posture, and remain centered and grounded. 

We teach our clients how to access their energy to maintain their proper posture balance through private or group sessions as well as train and help professional energy healers to improve their abilities (techniques?).  Please ask about the next workshop.

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