Posture is Emotional

I know that how people think and try to fix their posture by manipulating muscles. E.g. opening chest, pull in the lower abdomen, tightening the butt and so on. I also have done all the kind of fixation for a long time.

Then I realized! this way does not work to improve my posture.

There I remembered WHAT my grandmother, Tsuneko taught me when I was a child. She was born into a family with Samurai roots, used to say “He has a lot of money. But he does not maintain his posture well. So, should I trust him or not?” I reply to her “What does that meant? She responded, “His ego mind is too strong as you see it in his posture.”

My grandmother can see one's tension created by unsolved emotional trauma in his/her posture. Our unsolved emotional trauma become our ego.

So when we improve our posture, we must ease our unsolved emotional trauma that we have been stuck for a long time.

Because Human Being is Emotional being by Nature!


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