Posture Balance Talk -Nervous System

Updated: Jan 18

Our muscles are controlling, organizing and functioning to create our Posture Balance. Those muscles are controlled, organized and functioned by our nervous system. The balance between our sympathetic nervous system and para-sympathetic nervous system is the posture balance. When we are extremely in a mode of sympathetic nervous system oriented, we are so alerted and can not relax. Of course when we are at an emergency we do not want to be relaxed.

However, for whatever the reasons, if we could have not back to our best balance of those nervous systems ? If we could have not back to our natural relaxed being?

How long can we keep operating our life on the alerted mode ? We can be so exhausted. That is what happen to us at 40th and 50th years old doesn't it? Of course at this moment, our posture became pretty bad, rounded upper back, bulgy bump at the base of neck or pelvis tacked under ( called Posterior pelvic tilt ) and so on.

Those posture shows our "aging". TRUTH is not because of the age. It is because of the duration of our super sympathetic oriented life style made our exhausted body.

A GOOD Posture Balance can be kept entire life as a symbol of our health status. We do not need to be sick and tired because of our age!

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