Neurological Problem? First, Check your health of Microbiome!

Microbiome & Posture: Postural Imbalance is equals neurological imbalance. Neurological imbalances indicate either a mechanical or chemical deficiency, or both.

But what is the root cause of the deficiencies? The answer is the human microbiomes! What type of flora is in the gut? More good bacteria or bad bacteria in your flora?

A microbiome deficiency is usually the root cause of dysfunction. A well-balanced, pain-free musculoskeletal system is dependent on a good digestive system extracting the minerals and nutrients we need for the nervous system. Balance begins with what we digest. The process of re-alignment starts with the command center – the gut and the microbiome that are living, multiplying, and communicating with the entire system. Let’s examine your food sources and the health of your microbiome FIRST!

From my Facebook post on July 27th. Go to my facebook ->

ources and the health of your microbiome FIRST!

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