Love in you is the only truth

Hello everyone,

About 2 weeks ago, I found an answer to my long time question, what is " Love"? As I posted on my, I found that Love I feel in my body is the only certain in this very unusual and strange time. That was at the moment I told my husband " I love you. Thank you for today. " as I was falling in asleep.

We have done this to each other almost every night since we married 10+ years ago. But I never understood the truth of Love till that moment.

When the moment "I love you" came out from my mouth, suddenly in the middle of my eyes opened wide (I think my eye lids were closed.) and the sensation of " I love you" vibrated my entire brain, then went to out of my occipital area.

I sensed the lightning entering from eyes were not from my bed room light because the room was complete dark. ( My husband can not sleep if he is not in pitch- black. ) It came from somewhere inside of my body. If not, I must say God sent me...

The next moment, my awareness was pulled into my center of Hara (the abdominal cavity which under the diaphragm till the pelvic floor in Japanese).

There, I saw the universe!

( to be continue)

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