How Much of You Is Made Up of "Human Cells" ?

Is Our human being made by 57% or 90% microbiomes? It is probably not much matter.

However, now we know that the human microbiomes is very important factor of our wellbeing. When the human microbiomes are not well, we are not well. That's for sure.

If we wish to be well, FIRST we must take care of the Microbiomes living within our body.

How? is the question. Right?

I am building my 1st Online course to help you for this matter. Starting with Pregnant Moms.

Pregnant Moms are the source of our healthy human microbiomes. So, 1st thing 1st. We must take care of Moms! Starting with Pregnant Moms.

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In my Facebook post on July 23rd - "Human cells make up only 43% of the body's total cell count. The rest are microscopic colonists."

Please refer to

In another reference is here ->

the author wrote "After all, if a human being is a cell population composed of at least 90% bacteria, it is only natural to expect a major role for them in human physiology."

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