Gut-Brain Axis & Well-Balanced Posture

I have been a Somatic Educator focused on well-balanced posture for many years. My education in good posture began when I was born into my family which was led by my grandmother, Tsuneko. She was proud of her samurai heritage. As I grew up, she taught me her traditional belief that good posture is equal to good manners and caring about others.

So, practicing and maintaining Good Posture is a High Value for Life. My grandmother once said “He has a lot of money but does not have good posture. So, I don’t know if I trust him.” For her, good posture represented qualities of good humanity – honesty, integrity, and Unity in body-mind-soul. So she also believed that good posture could be achieved by proper standing, sitting, walking, talking, eating, and breathing.

After I moved to New York, I defined a more balanced approach to learning and teaching my understanding of Posture, and I named it Posture Balance. Then I also realized that good posture starts with the nourishing our gut-brain axis. So we must properly establish our Gut microbiomes through healthy food and proper nutrition.

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