Our approach

Posture balance is the very important part of Japanese up-bringing, not only for health reasons, but also for proper manners and communication behavior.

This Japanese concept of posture balance is rooted in Zen Buddhism which influenced the culture since the 6th century. A good posture balance represents one’s good attitude for life – confidence, self-esteem, pride, and at the same time, honesty, acceptance and hospitality. Therefore learning posture balance is equal to learning Zen-minded wellbeing and good relationships with yourself and others.  So your posture expresses the truth about you more than millions of words can do.

How does it work?  This is what you will learn with us at NHA through our Makiko Method-Posture Balance approach.

At Natural Healing Artists (NHA),

we dedicate our lives to promoting optimal health, self-growth, and life fulfillment. Our approach is comprehensive, treating the person's whole being through their neuro-muscular-skeletal-digestive system.


We harmonize different modalities: Feldenkrais Method, Makiko Method-Posture Balance, GAPS Diet, and Reiki/Energy Healing. And we support and educate our clients to bring out their innate power to become a well-balanced people.