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NHA Team Members

Makiko Oka-Castro

Natural Healing Artists, Inc. Founder & President

Natural Healing Artist & Consultant                       

Makiko Method – Posture Balance Founder & Educator

Makiko was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She grew up in a traditional Japanese musician’s family. She was strictly taught to focus on good posture and how to strive for balance in her life. She has been using what she learned to observe, help and communicate with people.  In 1990, she moved to NYC and joined the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and performed with the company between 1992 to 1994.  In 1996, she started to teach Pilates, but then she realized its limitations as a treatment for some of her clients. So she derived her own style of specialized Pilates for pain management.  In 1997, she established her own Dance Company, 舞 Mai Dance Project and performed throughout the US and Japan.

Her Makiko-Style Pilates gradually evolved into Makiko Method-Posture Balance.

Degrees: MA in Dance Education from NYU, BA in Drama Study from Nihon University


Active Certifications: CNC (Certified Nutritional Consultant), CGP (Certified GAPS Practitioner), GCFP, FGNA, (Certified Feldenkraise Method practitioner and guild member), Reiki Master

And other training and skills:

  • Body: Pilates, Gyrotonic Expansion System, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Food Therapy,  Japanese Hari (Japanese style acupuncture without needles)

  • Mind: Hypnosis (NHG, NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis), Regression Therapy (present and past life through an energy healing)

  • Spirit: Vision Reiki (Founder), Intuitive Healing, Inner Vision Healing, Energy Clearing & Healing (a bad Qi/Chi clearing), Meditation

  • Dula Training

Naoko Maeshiba

Natural Healing Artist & Consultant 

Makiko Method-Posture Balance Educator

Feldenkrais and Energy Healing Practitioner                                                                                

Naoko Maeshiba is a somatic educator and a dancer. Originally from Kobe, Japan, she grew up in countryside, absorbing nature into her body and mind. She moved to the States in 1989, initially to study linguistics. Her study of language quickly turned into the study of human being and self-expression through performing arts. Since 1993, she has been teaching a wide range of population about how to express oneself, using body as the vital source. 


In May 2018, she left a full-time professorship in theatre arts where she had taught for fifteen years and moved to New York City to create a method that marries somatic education and performing arts training. 

Naoko teaches individual and group sessions at NHA that promotes healthy living through optimal alignment and grounding. She is also teaching movement for actors at Michael Chekhov Acting Studio. She hopes to help her clients and students acquire new life approach that allows them to access their full potential.

Degrees: M.F.A. in Drama and Theatre, University of Hawai’I at Manoa, B.A. and M.A. in Japanese literature, Kwansei Gakuin University

Active Certifications: GCFP, FGNA, (Certified Feldenkraise Method practitioner and guild member), CNC (Certified Nutritional Consultant), Reiki、MAKIKO Method - Posture Balance 

Other Training and Skills:  

  • Limon Technique (Betty Jones & Fritz Ludin)

  • Noh (Kita school - Akira Matsui,Richard Emmert)

  • Body weather/Butoh (Min Tanaka)

  • Noguchi Gymnastics (Misao Hatori)

  • Michael Chekhov acting technique (Fern Sloan, Ted Pugh, Joanna Merlin)

  • Roy Hart Voice Technique (Richard Armstrong)

Professional Associations:

Feldenkrais Guild of North America - Member (2016-present)

American Association of Nutritional Consultant - Member (2018-present)

Towson University, Theatre Arts department – Professor (2002-2018)

Our Collaborators

Shoko Dubuski

Yoga Teacher

Rieko Sakuramoto R.A.

Private Chef