Feldenkrais Method


Feldenkrais Method is a somatic educational system developed by Moshe Feldenkrais, an Israeli engineer and physicist. It is a dynamic and fluid method that works on rewiring brain's network. The method helps people develop a functional awareness of the self in the environment by bringing awareness to the habitual patterns and enhancing their changes. Human beings have transformational potential and ability to learn regardless of their age or the condition. 

Norman Doidge,M.D., in his book "Brain's Way of Healing", mentions Feldenkrais' method' use of neurodifferentiation, one of the four stages that use the neuroplastic capacities of the brain to alter the connections between the neurons and to change its "wiring".  Below are the neurodifferentiation principles.

  • Making the smallest possible sensory distinctions between movements - builds brain maps.

  • Differentiation is easiest to make when the stimulus is smallest.

  • Slowness of the movement is the key to awareness. Awarenss is the key to learning.

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